Kunzite: The Stone of Infinite Calming Love

"Kunzite will enhance your self-expression and creativity."


Kunzite is a highly spiritual stone, connecting to the source of unconditional love, producing loving thought and action. It activates the Heart Chakra and aligns it with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras to support loving thoughts and communication. Kunzite centers the holder, and gives a sense of deep peace. It enhances creativity and self-expression, and teaches us to go with the flow of life.

Kunzite will teach you how to love yourself and know your worth. It will show you how to be kind and gentle to yourself.

Kunzite also helps the wearer bond with other people and ease social anxiety. It promotes self confidence, restores trust, and brings great empathy for others. It connects the heart with the mind which brings about great inner harmony.

Kunzite can strengthen the human energy field, clear the aura, and clear negative energy from a room or environment. It can also protect your energy field from negative energy and influence. 

Kunzite is frequently used for releasing energy blockages and increasing acceptance of Divine Love. It is told to combat feelings of inferiority, and has a pronounced calming effect on one’s heart. Kunzite will reveal emotional blockages from the past so they may be understood and dealt with so one may move on.

Physically, Kunzite can strengthen the circulatory system and the heart muscle. IT also helps to reduce stress related anxiety and helps to alleviate panic attacks.

Pink Kunzite is sometimes referred to as “the Woman's Stone,” as it is aids young mothers who may be having a hard time caring for their child.

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