Since a very young age I have loved to create and imagine, constantly thinking of new ideas and finding new inspiration everywhere I looked. Painted seashells, beaded necklaces, dress up, and collecting all sorts of treasures from the earth were just the beginning. In high school, I took fine art classes and practiced painting, drawing, and ceramics, and continued to teach myself jewelry techniques like bead weaving and wire wrapping. While looking at colleges, I had one goal. I wanted to make things, I wanted to make beautiful things. While browsing a course catalogue for Towson University I saw the words 'Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design' and was instantly smitten. I started classes with my little toolbox filled with everything I would need to learn how to play with fire and metal. As my skills grew and I learned how to incorporate materials other than metal in my designs, my heart and my hands reached immediately for my seashell and sea glass collection. I crafted tiny homes for my cherished treasures to live in, ones that I could wear with me everywhere. I quickly expanded my treasure box to include natural stones of many shapes and colors, and started using these in my jewelry as well. Today, I most enjoy combining all of these things, gifts from both the land and the sea, in my designs. I believe that jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory. Jewelry can remind us of special memories, special people, special places, and can make us feel more like ourselves. Jewelry can make you feel powerful, confident, and magical. My goal is to provide the perfect item to spark a little magic in your life.

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